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For Sale @ the Rose Street Market in Fitzroy, Melbourne

I have been at a few of the Rose Street Markets and love the atmosphere.... it is fab to be among such talent, passion and style ..... i am unique in my style but the Market attracts an eclectic gathering of shoppers, some of which are in love when they find the Air-Am clothing stall.... there is no greater reward than to see eyes light up and the energy the clothing embrace the person and feed their soul...

I have managed to secure some dates for this winter and at this stage they are:

Sunday 26th May

Saturday 8th June

Saturday 13th, 17th July

Saturday 3, 10, 17, 24, 31 August

COME AND SAY HELLO My name is Maria...I think up the designs, make the patterns, sew and now selling here at the Rose Street Market

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