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A bit of warmth and color to a chilly winter day

This last Saturday i decided to dig deep and brighten up our chilly wet winter day with color and some soft luxurious warmth.

I found some exquisite hand felted scarves that I have made form very fine merino sheep wool mostly from Australia but some form New Zealand, the wool I mean....

The scarves are set on 100% pure silk tissue and some embellished with silk paj or DuPont

The purist thing about felting is that if it is not a natural fiber it will not naturally join with all the other fibers when you felt them to be come part of the end wool fabric...It is interesting as we go back to the old ways of making clothes, they set their own standards, like this .... maybe there is sense in it when we look at it from our current situation

Not that I can preach as I have managed to figure out how to engineer a few gorgeous man made fibres into the scarves

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